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I give truly of myself to the people I choose to do that with.

8 July 1987
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not ready to come back down
Paolinazola / PZ. 21. I live in France and I can see the Loire through my windows. I’m in my master's first year of French and English literature at college and I study Jane Austen's work. I can be irritated about anything but I'm trying to keep cool most of the time.

Books : I love Zola (a great French writer), HP in general, and Snapy in particular. I can cry during hours after reading The Horse whisperer or Girl With a Pearl Earring (life wasted, I cannot stand it !).

Movies : BBM, GWAPE, Indy III, S&S (with Alan and Kate)

Actors : I love three English actors, maybe because they played Jane Austen’s characters (and three perfect lovers !) : Alan Rickman, Colin Firth and Jeremy Northam. They don’t smile often, but when they did, it’s like a new world is coming (yeeeees, it means a lot to me!). I like also Jake Gyllenhaal, Jude Law, Harrison Ford and Mathis Künzler ^^, for all their roles.

Actresses : Three are and will be the most important to me : Kate Winslet, Zhang Ziyi, and Scarlett Johansson (obviously !). Three different women, but always one representation : talented, beautiful and clever woman.

Music : Michel Berger (a great French writer/composer/singer, who died in 1992), Véronique Sanson (his Love when he was young), Coldplay, The Fray, The Beatles, Goldfrapp etc.

What we hope to find
I like too many ships, it’s obvious, but I cannot see a TV show without having a ship, so I make a non exhaustive list.
Sara/Grissom->awwwwwwwwwwwwww I LOVE them together !
Olivia/Elliot->the good question is : can I wait ten seasons before they kiss ? THAT is the crucial question !
Izzie/Georges->best friends can be lovers NON DI DIOU !
Dawson/Joey->the same ^^
Ally/Billy->why did he die ?
Sam/Jack (WaT)->Sam, you didn’t wait. Too bad. For Jack. And for me of course !
Jack/Sam (SG1)->stop watching, but I watched only for them two !
Faith/Bosco->I hate the end of the TV show. Don’t want to talk about this…
Max/Logan-> yeah !
Sydney/Vaughn->yeah too XD !

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